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Masjid Al-Qur'aan's Mission Statement

"To be a model community in the broadest sense, not leaving anything of value out, a community which is balanced, witnessing to all people, a community that G'd establishes, approves of and supports." 


Pioneer Poem

                                     With the Name Allah, The Gracious, The Compassionate



The Honorable Pioneers of the 1930’s



This poem is speaking of, and dedicated to, a small portion of the Honorable Pioneers of the 1930’s in Detroit, under the leadership of the late Honorable Elijah Mohammed.


We have a story we would like to share with you

Now listen it is important because the story is true.

We have heard about the struggles of Fredrick Douglas,

Harriet Tubman, Du Bois, and Dr. Charles Drew.

We have read about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),

And the Sahabas just to name a few.

Now I want to tell you about the Pioneers of the 1930’s

And some of the trials they went through.

The Pioneers of the 1930’s stuck together and they won too

Even though it was during the great depression and jobs were few.

Although they did not have much money, they had a lot of unity;

They were sincere and dedicated and they established a community.

Their leader was called W.D. Fard, he gave them a

Problem Book and some lessons.  They did not realize it then

But, it turned out to be a blessing.



The late Honorable Elijah Mohammad was their leader,

Teacher, and brother; he taught them how

To always love one another and care for each other.

They had to learn how to pray to Allah, fast, read and write;

The sisters had to learn how to cook, iron, care for their

Children and be a good wife.

Now the brothers had to learn to do the same.  They had to

Support and protect their family also write the letter

To receive the family name.

They all worked in the Mission, and as time went by,

The sisters were in the MGT class and the brothers the FOI.

Allah was preparing them for a mighty Flight

To bring them out of darkness into the Light.

They stuck together, they walked for miles and miles

In all kinds of weather.

They walked from door to door of the Muslim’s homes

Just to get a penny.

Sometimes they would get one sometimes they would not get any.

Now over the years things began to change;

They worked to have a school and an honorable name.

Time went by some were shot, beaten, killed, mutilated and some

Left lame; in spite of all these hardships

They never received any fame.




When their leaders and teachers were jailed,

They demonstrated in peace they wanted the officials to know

They wanted their leaders released.

But they did not lose heart.

They did not let anything keep them apart.

The Pioneers fought back the oppressors and the notorious

And Allah blessed them to become victorious.

There is no doubt about it they have paid a great price,

Some have even paid with their very own life.

The Pioneers of the 1930’s have certainly paid some dues

As a result of their sacrifices we have Masajid

and the Sister Clara Mohammed Schools.

Yes!  The Pioneers of the 1930’s are a special people,

Humble, pious, and unique.

Let us not mistake these qualities and consider

them as being weak.

Now, let us come together and pick up the banner of truth

Add to the Pioneer’s accomplishments

And be an example for our youth.

So, the next time you see an Honorable Pioneer of the 1930’s,

Be kind, give them the greetings, please do not pass them by.

Remember, the Pioneers of the 1930’s,

They paved the way for you and I!